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Amsterdam - April 10, 2024

This year is off to a strong start with investments in Dutch startups totaling 1.05 billion euros. This is the largest amount obtained within a quarter in the past two years. Among other things, these investments have resulted in two new “unicorns” - which are defined as companies with a valuation of 1 billion euro or more. However, the number of investments has decreased slightly, which is evidenced by the Quarterly Startup Report, a quarterly data analysis from, Golden Egg Check, KPMG, the Regional Development Companies, the Dutch Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (NVP), TechLeaP, Invest-NL and Dutch Startup Association (dSa).

Quarter of strong growth

The investments worth 1.05 billion euros in the first quarter means more than doubling (+150%) compared to the same quarter last year, which amounted to 422 million euros. Compared to the previous quarter in which 576 million euros were invested, this is an increase of 83%. The number of deals has decreased by 19% compared to the same quarter last year, mainly caused by a lower number of investments in the very early phase (pre-seed), from 21 to 14. The number of deals in a later phase actually increased. There were more deals above 15 million euros (Series B+): 14, compared to 6, a year ago. Three of these, Picnic, Mews, and DataSnipper, were even above 100 million dollars. With the valuation of this investment, the latter are officially the new Unicorns in the Netherlands.

The 10 largest deals of the past quarter (in millions*):

Picnic € 355

Mews $ 110

DataSnipper $ 100

Vico Therapeutics $ 60

FINOM € 50

Eye Security € 36

EFFECT Photonics $ 38

TheyDo $ 34

Soly € 30

Onera € 30

*) = invested amounts represented in original currency

Structural growth and more investment from abroad
Even when the very large deals from around and above 100 million euros are not included, the past quarter still shows growth as compared to the previous quarter. This seems to be the start of a growth phase. The presence of more stability and the reduction of interest rates, along with expectations around exhibitions and strategic acquisitions, and the large amount of available funds for investments that the ecosystem knows how to absorb, could have facilitated this result. The investments are, yet again, widely distributed over sectors, with ‘deep tech’ as a recurring theme. It is striking to see that the percentage of investment from American investors has doubled. Where it fluctuated around 13% in the past quarters, it is now above 28%. The same image was visible in the record year of 2021.

“It is a good signal that investments have increased so much. However, a large part of the growth comes from the United States, just like before in peak years. ”, says Lucien Burm of the Dutch Startup Association. "To ensure that more growth generated from the Netherlands becomes available and the return flows back here, more institutional money will have to flow directly or indirectly to funds, for example from pension funds and the national growth fund."

“This strong increase in investments is an important part of a good startup climate for the Netherlands. This shows that in the Netherlands we still have the potential for a good climate to make investments in the companies of the future. We have to use this potential.”, says Maarten Cleeren of Techleap. “However, there are still many elements that play a crucial role that have been under pressure lately, such as the 30% scheme for scarce talent or the uncertainty around National Groeifonds. For current social transitions, it is very important that we maintain a stimulating business climate. ”

Thomas Mensink, analyst from Golden Egg Check says,"The number of investments is significantly lower in the past quarter than in previous years. This is mainly due to a decrease in deals in the earliest phase, to 1 million euros. That is a point of attention.” "The pipeline of startups is ideally filled to have a healthy ecosystem in the long term."

View the list of all investments in Q1 2024 here.

For more information about the investments in the first quarter, see the overview at here.


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(Figures include unpublished investments and estimates and are, therefore, higher)

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