Dutch Startup Association launches: ‘ReStartup’, program for COVID-19 crisis recovery

dSa and partners collaborate to provide support for the greatest ecosystem pivot ever

April 14, 2020, Amsterdam - Dutch Startup Association (dSa) launches the support program ReStartup to help startups manage and recover from the COVID-19 crisis. dSa foresees a prolonged period of economic decline following the pandemic and expects effects for startups lasting well into 2021. ReStartup wants to make sure startups get back on their feet when the world comes out of from measures such as lockdowns.

The focus of ReStartup will not be on how startups should handle the current effects, but how to prepare for and deal with the consequences such as lower consumer spend, broken supply chains, funding challenges or new codes of conduct in retail and offices. The landscape has changed drastically and all startups are affected one way or another. Many startups need to make adjustments or even full pivots to survive.

The key focus of dSa is amplifying the voice of startups in the political debate. “Our ongoing efforts to include startups in COVID-19 measures are seeing results”, says Lucien Burm, the chairman of dSa. “Implementing legislation takes time and many startups cannot afford to wait before taking action.” 


dSa partners with many influential and expert organizations who share the vision of the importance of startups for the recovery, innovation and resilience of the economy. Partners who have already agreed to take part in the crisis recovery program include: EY, Booking.com, Peerby, Moneybird, Springest, PR.co, GreenFish, 10X The Startup Agency, RockStart, Startup Bootcamp, World Startup, Peak Capital, HenQ, Holland Ventures, Prime Ventures, Keen Venture Partners, Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship, The Next Web, Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland, Startup Amsterdam and Allied for Startups. If organizations wish to contribute they can contact dSa directly. 


Topics covered by the program include government regulations, funding, legal, financial forecasting and change management. The support to startups will be tailored to specific needs and consists of a broad offering, ranging from one-on-one sessions with experts, worksessions with peers to webinars, all focussed on the recovery ahead. dSa members and partners will all collaborate to unlock all knowledge and expertise needed to assist in the greatest ecosystem pivot ever.

“Startups are essential to the innovation power and growth of the economy. Yet they lack financial bandwidth when it comes to getting experts on board to guide them through the unprecedented crisis the world is currently in,” says Thomas Vles, director of dSa, and initiator of the ReStartup program. “The first priority for startups now is survival, but going back to growth is the end goal.”

To join the program, startups can sign up here: dutchstartupassociation.nl/restartup

About dSa

Dutch Startup Association (dSa) is founded in 2017 by startups and managed by entrepreneurs to look after the collective interests of startups. dSa aims to make the Netherlands the startup state of Europe; where there are startups in abundance, that are successful, grow faster and operate more internationally than anywhere in Europe. 

Key objectives of dSa are removing governmental barriers and creating a strong and self reliant ecosystem for startups to grow and be successful. 

dSa takes on public affairs issues and engages in lobby activities with Dutch and European politics amplifying the voice of startups and scale-ups concerning legislation, economical policies, educational regulations and funding issues. dSa promotes the importance of startups for the innovation power of society and growth of the economy.

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